Lansoprazole 30mg - an Ideal Treatment for Excessive Stomach Acids


Lansoprazole 30 Mg

The stomach is a very important part of the body, and different medications are used to restore proper functioning of the stomach. Lansoprazole is one of them that is commonly used in 30 mg strength capsules. Lansoprazole 30 mg belongs to a class of medications called proton pump inhibitors. Our stomachs produce a certain amount of acid naturally. When proper stomach functions are affected by a variety of problems, the production of acid malfunctions and increases the amount produced which can lead to some serious problems. Proton pump inhibitors reduce the acid production process in the stomach.

Lansoprazole 30 mg capsules are used for a number of reasons such as when your esophagus shows inflammation caused by the excessive production of stomach acid. Physicians also recommend the use of Lansoprazole 30 mg to heal stomach ulcers. Other than those serious issues, Lansoprazole 30 mg is also used to treat smaller issues like indigestion and heartburn. All of these problems are due to acid-related dyspepsia, and Lansoprazole 30 mg can easily control them. Some bacteria also attacks the stomach and can cause different kinds of infection. Some of them, such as Helicobacter Pylori, can also cause ulcers. Lansoprazole 30 mg capsules are used for the treatment of these problems, and it can also prevent them from coming back.

Lansoprazole 30 mg is available in different brand names on the market, but Prevacid is the most common brand used. It is recommended for the treatment of stomach problems associated with the production of excessive stomach acids. However, if you are looking for immediate relief from stomach pain, Prevacid may not be right for you as it is not a painkiller. In some cases, Prevacid is used in combination with antibiotics, but only a registered physician can recommend the correct combination.

If you are suffering from liver disease or have any other blood related problems, you need to consult your doctor before taking Lansoprazole. Those kinds of medical problems require you to avoid the use of medications containing sucralfate when you are taking Lansoprazole 30 mg. Sucralfate makes it difficult for your body to absorb Lansoprazole. If you need to take the both medications for some reason, make sure there is at least a half-hour time lapse between each medication. Once you begin taking Lansoprazole 30 mg, the uncomfortable symptoms of your stomach issues may vanish quickly. However, you need to take the medication for as long as doctor has advised you to do so.

You can purchase Lansoprazole 30 mg from any local pharmacy, and many online stores also sell the product. If you cannot afford to buy brand name Lansoprazole, you can choose a generic form of it instead. Many reputable stores offer quality Lansoprazole 30 mg.

Besides the commonly used Lansoprazole, it is also available as Lansoprazole OTC or over-the-counter. This is also known by its brand name of Prevacid 24 hr. This form is designed to be taken just once every 24 hours, but it should still be used carefully. The use of Lansoprazole OTC is not recommended if you are experiencing symptoms such as painful swallowing, vomiting, and black stools. If you are suffering chest pain frequently, you should definitely consult your doctor first instead of deciding to take Lansoprazole OTC on your own. Weight loss due to specific reasons and heartburn are some of the serious indications that you should not be using Lansoprazole OTC.

Some side effects are also associated with Lansoprazole such as an increase in the possibility of a bone fracture found more often with those taking Prevacid for a very long time or are older than 50 years of age. People with bone density issues should consult with their doctor before taking Lansoprazole 30 mg. Moreover, pregnant or breast feeding mothers should not use it without consulting with their doctor first, and the use of this medication is not recommended for the children who are less than one year of age.